Latvian Ministry

Leader: Pastor Eric Dennis

The Latvian Ministry is one that is close to the heart  of Crossroads Baptist Church and the ministry is one that shares partners across Oklahoma, Texas and indeed, the world.

The Talsi Christian School in Latvia is supported by the ministry in order to maintain the school  in a the City of Talsi, in the face of a very secular society. Many lives are blessed and other ministries have grown out of the program which recently brought forth a student who graduated from the school and went into full time ministry.  Her ministry page will be addressed in her own section of the church ministry because she is  being  supported individually by the church as well as some of its members and friends.

Coming up in June will be the mission trip where those who attend from Oklahoma and Texas will work with the students in a summer orphan camp  and some will stay on to participate in the Second Annual Youth Camp.  Stay tuned for pictures.

All who read this description of the ministry, please pray for the school, its teachers, its students and petition God  for mercy from the political leaders and continued support from  those who have taken this school into their hearts.




  May 2020  
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